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What is a Public Cloud?

In addition to ITpoint’s own Cloud services, Public Cloud services from hyperscalers are also offered or combined on request as part of the service delivery.

The Public Cloud is an offering from a freely accessible cloud provider that makes its services openly available to everyone via the Internet. ITpoint focuses primarily on Microsoft Azure incl. Microsoft 365 services.

Examples of use

For companies with short-term projects

The Public Cloud offers many possibilities and tools for short-term projects, such as an application for a few months. Companies can use it for a short period of time and have the flexibility to stop when all the necessary work is complete. With the public cloud, cloud environments can be set up to be ready for use within minutes or hours.

For companies with additional resource needs to handle different demand peaks

Depending on the industry, companies may need to take seasonality into account or anticipate other peaks in demand. With the Public Cloud, capacity can be increased as needed for occasional peaks in demand and reduced to a minimum again if desired. This enables cost optimization.

For software development and test environments

The Public Cloud simplifies the process of software development and testing, especially when members of the development team are in different locations. With the Public Cloud, all stakeholders can access the cloud to make changes that are visible in real time to all other members involved.

Benefits Public Cloud

Reduction of IT costs due to lower investment requirements

Depending on requirements, the Public Cloud is considered a comparatively low-cost option, as the provider operates its services and services for all customers on the same infrastructure and thus incurs lower costs due to the shared resources.

Flexibility and fast availability

With the Public Cloud, flexibility and fast availability are guaranteed, as data can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.

Access to advanced technology

Public Cloud providers are constantly updating their hardware and software to maintain their competitive edge. This gives them access to the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, etc.

Benefits ITpoint



Many years of experience with various companies and different requirements.



More than 50 experienced, certified system engineers and consultants.

Partner network

Partner network

With our partner network, we offer you exactly the cloud solutions that support your future plans.



Personal communication brings clarity, open dialog shows potential for optimization, and competence creates trust.



We focus on the Cloud solutions that specifically fit your business.



Highly available IT environment, monitored around the clock (ISO/IEC 20000 and 27001 standards).

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What our customers say

SwissSalary Ltd.

“Thanks to ITpoint’s professional managed service, we as a software manufacturer can focus on the development of intelligent applications. Especially for our customer segment, comprehensive support and extremely high availability are match-decisive. ITpoint can meet the expectations of a modern cloud partner in every respect.” — Mark Fahrni, CEO SwissSalary Ltd.

Jakob Müller Group: Business IT without infrastructure ballast

“ITpoint’s managed services model allows us to focus on support and consulting around users, software and processes. Here we can bring about real added value with our knowledge of Jakob Müller processes. Operating the basic data center infrastructure would only distract us from this and unnecessarily inflate the IT organization.” — Michael Stöckli, CIO von Jakob Müller

Frama AG: Interruption-free migration and integration of a backup solution for Microsoft 365 data

“Uncomplicated and always there for us. We got through the transition to the Microsoft Cloud well with ITpoint. In addition, the managed backup service is a great relief for us.” — Bruno Stalder, Head of IT, Frama AG

IBM Power Systems with IBM for Galliker Transport AG

“Our experience with the IBM Power systems has always been nothing but positive. The systems provide the performance and stability we need to deliver outstanding service to our customers. I am very pleased that we have always been able to count on highly professional advice and support from ITpoint for over ten years. I can only recommend ITpoint to any company.” — Fabian Studer, CIO, Galliker Transport AG