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Frama AG: Interruption-free migration and integration of a backup solution for Microsoft 365 data

Since 1970, Frama AG has specialized in the development and production of mail processing and data management systems. The products and solutions as well as most parts and tools are manufactured at the headquarters in Lauperswil. With Swiss quality and a top 24 service, Frama AG convinces a wide variety of companies worldwide.

Until then, Frama AG operated its Exchange Server locally with another provider. One goal was to migrate Exchange to the Microsoft Cloud solution. In addition, the need for collaboration, which was reinforced by increasing demands for mobile, fast and productive action, was to be reconciled with the high need for security and central IT management.and India.

Frama AG

Challenge / need: uninterrupted migration and integration of a backup solution for Microsoft 365 data
The path from locally operated Exchange Server to Microsoft 365 is long. Therefore it was necessary to make important considerations about the migration in advance.

The challenge: uninterrupted and efficient migration

  • The choice of the appropriate Microsoft 365 plan had to be made.
  • Security requirements had to be considered. The goal was to secure the company’s business-critical data using the protection provided by Exchange Online.
  • Although Microsoft has implemented various compliance features in Microsoft 365, several important functions, such as guaranteed data retention, are not available in Microsoft 365. This must be changed to ensure full compliance.
  • The migration from the old system to the new one had to be well prepared so that the important interfaces with, for example, SAP and other industry software could continue to function smoothly.
  • Exchange misconfiguration problems had to be eliminated.
  • Data in the Exchange Server that was no longer needed was archived from Exchange before the migration.
  • During the effective migration, users on their clients should not be affected by work interruptions.

The solution
The Exchange Server on premise was to be operated in the Microsoft Cloud environment and the workstations were to be equipped with Microsoft 365 and its modern collaboration tools such as Teams and Yammer. As protection against accidental deletion, viruses or malware, hackers or ransomware attacks, Frama AG’s business-critical data was to be secured with an additional Microsoft 365 backup solution.

As a globally active company, we deliver high-quality communication solutions. To further optimize collaboration within the group, the switch to Microsoft 365 was a key milestone.

Bruno Stalder, Head of IT, Frama AG

Step 1: Analyse the initial situation
The aim of this phase was to gain an initial overview of the entire potential. Only those data should be migrated that are really useful and are still actively used. This step was extremely important because it saved time and money for the transfer of useless content. The analysis of the initial situation and potential formed the basis for the selection of the appropriate Microsoft 365 plan.

Step 2: Strategic Planning
Als alle bestehenden Inhalte inventarisiert waren und klar wurde, was zu migrieren ist, stand die Projektplanung an. Während dieser Phase wurde When all existing content was inventoried and it became clear what had to be migrated, the project planning was ready. During this phase, the future of Frama AG in the cloud was planned based on the information gathered in phase 1. At the same time, regardless of the option chosen, an internal migration team was set up to provide support throughout the project.

Step 3: Pilot migration
In this phase of the project, all data of the past 30 days was migrated first. After checking the results, adjustments were made based on the output of the pilot migration. At the same time, the migration team tested permissions and access options during the pilot phase. ITpoint used BitTitan’s professional MigrationWiz for this.

Step 4: Prepare Microsoft 365 Backup
Because Microsoft only backs up its customers’ data for 30 days and data can only be restored during this period, Frama AG decided to make an additional backup of its Microsoft 365 data to protect itself against losses and security threats.

Step 5: Migration
After the successful completion of the pilot phase, the migration of the complete Exchange Server took place in one weekend. Even during the migration, users were still able to work with their old mailbox on on-premise if they so wished, so that no interruptions were necessary.

Uncomplicated and always there for us. With ITpoint, we got through the transition to the Microsoft Cloud very well. In addition, the managed backup service is a great relief for us.

Bruno Stalder, Head of IT, Frama AG

Step 6: Test Microsoft 365 Backup
For the backup solution, it was also part of the project to conduct a test. For this, a folder was first completely deleted from a specific mailbox by a Frama AG employee. The deletion date was announced to ITpoint. The goals of the first restore attempt were a restore at the original location of the data and a restore in a new folder. Both restores were carried out to the complete satisfaction of Frama AG in the shortest possible time.

Advantages Microsoft 365 incl. backup solution from ITpoint

The migration from Exchange Server to Microsoft 365 and the backup of Microsoft 365 data brought many advantages for Frama AG.

Relief from operation and maintenance
Microsoft takes care of the operation and maintenance of the Exchange server – a relief for Frama AG.

Simplified cooperation with international employees
Thanks to modern collaboration tools, cooperation between Frama AG employees worldwide has become much easier. They use the collaboration functions for meetings and video conferences including screen sharing, for chats and often also for recordings.

Application always up to date
With Microsoft 365, Office applications are always up to date and costs can be planned. Modern collaboration tools, such as teams, are included in the same user fee, so there are no additional license costs for video conferencing, screen sharing or chat systems.

Backup of Microsft 365 data
With the backup solution from ITpoint, Frama AG meets legal requirements and adheres to its retention policies. The data is stored in Swiss data centers that meet high security standards. The complete administration of the backup solution and the execution of all backups can be done on request via a user-friendly and modern user interface. This allows costs to be viewed and planned transparently at any time. The ITpoint team proactively monitors the backup status and thus achieves a high degree of transparency and security for Frama AG.

Advantages of the migration to Microsoft 365

  • Simplified cooperation with international employees
  • Application always up to date
  • Plannable monthly costs
  • Advantages Backup Microsoft 365

Protection against losses and security threats

  • Schnelle Wiederherstellung
  • CFast recovery
  • Compliant
  • Swiss data storage
  • Simple user interface
  • Georedundant data management

About Frama AG
The task of Frama AG is integrated communication. The solution is characterized by convenient, easily accessible and process-oriented letter and parcel solutions as well as proof of delivery and content checking of confidential, important and sensitive e-mails. The goal of Frama AG: Added value and communication security, regardless of content and channel, whereby integrity of communication characterizes the offer.

  • Foundation: 1970
  • Number of employees: 300
  • Presence: 10 subsidiary companies and over 40 business partners worldwide
  • Customers worldwide: 100’000
  • Headquarter: Frama AG, 3438 Lauperswil
  • Offer: Mail processing systems, billing systems, tax meters, tariff management, billing, data capturing and verification, e-communications: RMail (Registered Email, OneClick Encryption, e-Sign Solutions)

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