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Carletto AG with a new IT strategy

The children’s toys specialist relies on the Managed Service concept ORIA for its new IT strategy. The flexible and modular Cloud Service design allows the company to react quickly to changes. Additionally the international sites can access Carletto AG’s central IT Services regardless of their location and timezone.

Carletto offers everything to enhance a child’s enthusiasm and therefore provide the perfect family evening. Carletto AG is the Nr. 1 retailer when it comes to unique games and long-lasting toys.

Founded in 1986, the early specialization primarily in European products with high play value, excellent quality and high price-to-performance ratio, secured the business‘ success. From the beautiful lake of Zürich, the company was able to secure a meaningful position in the Swiss toy market. A modern business with over 70 employees spread through Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Hong Kong grew from the original two-man team.

Initial situation
Carletto AG with headquarter in Wädenswil runs a local ICT infrastucture which covers the generic and business oriented IT Services. Because of the upcoming replacement of the IT infrastructure, the IT strategy will be reconsidered and new future-oriented and flexible IT operation models will need to be taken into consideration.

The most important goals of the requirement analysis:

  • Further development of the long-term IT strategy
  • Support for an international alignment for Carletto
  • Transparent and predictable IT costs
  • Concentration on core business

ITpoint provides Carletto with IT Services according to the ORIA principle. This includes infrastructure, software and operations services. The ORIA Shared Cloud Environment serves as a platform. This highly available environment of the highest standards consists of two data centers – with replication, Backup & Recovery. The platform is placed in professional hands and allows Carletto to receive the necessary system resources as a service required by the software and users. Within a short period of time ITpoint is able to adapt to the new situation and supply the necessary personnel and infrastructure. This flexibility supports efficiency. In addition to the manageable and predictable operating costs, the likelyhood of additional capital expenditures (CAPEX) are reduced.

The following standards are set fort he IT Services offered:

  • Highly available data centers
  • Flexible and dynamic approach to supply Carletto with an «On Demand» basis for IT Service
  • Operations with operating system and standard applications

Benefits for Carletto
IT as a Service is a future-oriented flexible business model, which offers lots of advantages over a classic on-site infrastructure:

  • Integrated solution with a minimal expenses for Carletto
  • More flexible and modular Cloud Service design, so that Carletto can be supported for future demands
  • Increased availability through a virtual and automated environment
  • Carletto chooses the necessary Service according to their requirements (high flexibility with transparent costs)
  • Reduced IT complexity and increased mobility
  • High availability and secure infrastructure in the data centers of Swisscom and green.ch (bank conformity) and geo redundant data storage
  • Cost efficient use of ThinClient workstations as an alternative to normal workstations, in order to reduce to a minimum the costs of end-user computing
  • Ideal solution for the international orientation and access from several locations to central IT Services
  • Software licences as Services (Carletto is always entitled to receive the newest software versions through Software-Assurance)

Do you have questions about your IT strategy or would you like to learn more about our managed services?

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Urs Frehner

Urs Frehner, Sales Leader