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“ITpoint 2020” – Quality enhancement on the pulse of time

Continuous improvement is strategically anchored at ITpoint. However, there is plenty of potential for optimization. But which actions lead to maximum benefit? And what does our customers' feedback have to do with it? An insight.

A little foresight is a must, which is why we call our optimization program “ITpoint 2020”. With it, we want to set the course for a competitive, effective IT service management system that guarantees high quality, efficiency and modern services, despite the dynamic environment (or precisely because of it)

The first hurdle on the way to “Prime Managed Services” was successfully overcome with the ISO 20000 certification in spring 2014. Annual re-certifications of this service management standard are the result. Part of ISO 20000 is also an annual customer survey. This customer survey is meticulously evaluated and provides important information for our planning. Although the surveyed customers expressed themselves in a large majority as “very satisfied” to “satisfied” with our services, an increase is always possible and we gladly accept critical comments on individual topics as steep passes.

The findings from the survey – coupled with internal analyses – ultimately caused us to launch the aforementioned optimization program a few months ago. It consists of five “streams” that are being worked on in parallel but have a common goal: Increasing quality and efficiency.

  • Stream “Processes”: All processes important for ITpoint customers have been revised and where necessary streamlined, supplemented or redefined. A new process design tool was established for this purpose.
  • Stream “Monitoring”: Various monitoring tools were reduced to two: one for network and x86 environments, one for IBM Power environments. We chose PRTG for x86. For the IBM Power world, our own “iWoW ToolKit Monitoring” was further developed.
  • Stream “Service Management Tool”: A tool that offers more functionality and performance than the previously used was evaluated: Cherwell Enterprise Service & Operations Management. The goal is that the tool optimally supports the service management processes.
  • Stream “Delivery Organization”: The organization was more efficiently aligned with the processes and responsibilities reorganized.
  • Stream “Efficiency Improvement”: Repetitive work done manually today will be automated in the future.

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Would you like to get to know us and learn more about the "ITpoint 2020" project?

I look forward to hearing from you and will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Armin Büeler

Armin Büeler, Senior Service Manager & Chief Process Officer