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IT security in the home office: How to detect if your devices have been hacked

Regardless of whether in the office or in the home office; security should not be compromised. In this blog post you will learn how to detect if your devices have been hacked and what you can do to secure your devices.

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object lock

Protection of your objects and backup data with the S3 Object Lock

Whether an organization needs to comply with regulations such as those in the financial or healthcare sectors, or simply back up copies of important business documents, NetApp's S3 Object Lock provides unalterable storage and protection against deletion of objects and data.

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We strongly recommend updating Firefox to a secure version (Firefox version 75 and Firefox ESR version 68.7). Also affected is the TOR web browser, which should be updated to version 9.0.9 if possible.

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Five reasons for an Office 365 Backup

Many companies that use Office 365 still don't know what Microsoft is responsible for and what they themselves are responsible for in terms of data protection. Read this blog to learn why you should also back up your data with a suitable backup solution.

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IT security in the Home Office - this is what companies must pay attention to

The concern of many people about the spread of the coronavirus, as well as the stricter measures taken by the Swiss Federal Office for Health (SFOH) on 13.03.2020, are prompting many companies to have their employees work from homeoffice. Security at homeoffice is an option that cannot be dispensed with today.

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Ooops, your files have been encrypted!

They have sonorous names like WannaCry, LockerGoga, Bad Rabbit and NotPetya and are insidious. Once it's nested in the corporate network, it gets tricky. Ransomware has become a lucrative business model for cyber criminals and the stream of new variants is not stopping. On the contrary. We must all prepare for an expansion of this malware. A situation report.

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IT Security: Ransomware Protection Service

ITpoint has launched the Ransomware Protection Service for NetApp. This protection will be available in our shared cloud environment and for private cloud and on-site installations with NetApp storage systems.

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IT Security: Dealing with Hardware Leaks

The topic of IT security remains omnipresent. Among the greatest IT security challenges we face are the known and unknown vulnerabilities of hardware. This article offers an overview of the current situation and explains ITpoint’s approach to system security.

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How to check your mobile security in five steps

Business processes become increasingly mobil. Therefore, the issue of mobile security presents an ongoing challenge.

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«Mobile working starts with the right mobile security design»

A mobile working model inevitably requires corresponding procedures, behavior recommendations and security technology. Without these basic essentials, dangers lurk around every corner. An interview with Samuel Jud, Managing Director at samtec.

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Lean and Efficient Communication with Unified Communications: Here is how it works!

Why is lean communication so important? We live in a time holder that offers numerous communication tools and possibilities like never before.

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SIEM Security Information Event Management

SIEM More Important Than Ever

In the IT security sector, the consolidation of log protocol and the detection of irregularities are becoming increasingly important. More and more IT companies are focusing on central logging or security information event management (SIEM for short).

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Mobile Solution Enterprise File Sync Share

Enterprise File Sync & Share

One of the biggest global trends is mobility. The digitization of notes after a meeting, the retrieval of e-mails, etc.

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Free DDoS protection for all ITpoint ORIA Cloud customers

In response to the growing threat of targeted cyber-attacks and the greater risk of damage, we have enabled proactive DDoS protection for all our ORIA Cloud customers at no additional cost.

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