Object Storage

Management of unstructured data.
With the highest scalability.

Object Storage: the optimal solution to manage unstructured data with highest scalability

Today, data plays a central role for many companies, which is why it is often called “the oil of our time”. It is important to keep pace with the exponential growth of data and to rely on a scalable storage platform where the data is available at all times and comprehensively protected. The technology for this is called object storage.

Object storage is a hierarchy-free method of storing data that is used either on premise or in the Cloud. Unlike other data storage methods, object-based storage does not use a directory structure. Discrete data units (objects) reside at the same level in a storage pool. Each object has a unique name that an application uses to retrieve that object. In addition, each object may have metadata that is retrieved with the object.

Benefits Object Storage


Object storage can hold virtually any amount of data.

Data security

Maximum reliability, security and availability of your data.

Optimized data management

Data is stored automatically, according to requirements, either in geographic locations or in storage tiers.


Data consistency is ensured through automatic data replication, rolling updates and the avoidance of downtime.


Thanks to object storage, bottlenecks caused by complex directory systems are avoided.

Compatibility with S3 standard

Thanks to object storage, backup and archive solutions as well as any S3-compatible application are integrated.

StorageGRID – Object Storage from NetApp

StorageGRID provides more and better detail for your data management. It is a software-defined, object-based storage solution that supports interfaces such as the S3 API (Amazon Simple Storage Service).

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SwissSalary Ltd.

“Thanks to ITpoint’s professional managed service, we as a software manufacturer can focus on the development of intelligent applications. Especially for our customer segment, comprehensive support and extremely high availability are match-decisive. ITpoint can meet the expectations of a modern cloud partner in every respect.” — Mark Fahrni, CEO SwissSalary Ltd.

Jakob Müller Group: Business IT without infrastructure ballast

“ITpoint’s managed services model allows us to focus on support and consulting around users, software and processes. Here we can bring about real added value with our knowledge of Jakob Müller processes. Operating the basic data center infrastructure would only distract us from this and unnecessarily inflate the IT organization.” — Michael Stöckli, CIO von Jakob Müller

Frama AG: Interruption-free migration and integration of a backup solution for Microsoft 365 data

“Uncomplicated and always there for us. We got through the transition to the Microsoft Cloud well with ITpoint. In addition, the managed backup service is a great relief for us.” — Bruno Stalder, Head of IT, Frama AG

IBM Power Systems with IBM for Galliker Transport AG

“Our experience with the IBM Power systems has always been nothing but positive. The systems provide the performance and stability we need to deliver outstanding service to our customers. I am very pleased that we have always been able to count on highly professional advice and support from ITpoint for over ten years. I can only recommend ITpoint to any company.” — Fabian Studer, CIO, Galliker Transport AG