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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

Eine Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) vereint Storage und Compute in einem Chassis und vereinfacht die Installation und das Management erheblich. Der Support erfolgt zudem aus einer Hand. Wieso hatte ITpoint bis jetzt keine solche Lösung im Portfolio?

According to Gartner, a hyperconverged solution is defined as follows: Integrated systems are a combination of servers, storage, and networking distributed with management software that greatly simplifies configuration and maintenance.

There are several subtypes to HCI. These are either software-based or hardware-based. Software-based systems have the advantage of running on any hardware and are highly configurable. Hardware-based systems have software and hardware optimally matched and are therefore extremely performant.

In the past, it was necessary to choose one variant and thus could not benefit from the advantages of both systems. This was also the reason why ITpoint did not have an HCI solution in its portfolio.

But now there is a new star on the horizon: NetApp HCI.

Why NetApp HCI?
NetApp HCI combines the strengths of these two worlds. This NetApp solution is built on a hardware-based platform that separates all-flash storage nodes and compute nodes, so the software is optimally matched to the hardware. However, NetApp HCI does not lack flexibility and brings enterprise features such as guaranteed performance, integrated replication, and very simple management. In addition, storage (IOPS and capacity) and computing power (CPU and memory) can be individually expanded to grow optimally with the business.

HCI NetApp

Use Case
The use case for an HCI solution is extremely diverse. Be it for VDI, virtualized databases or for virtualizing an entire environment. In addition, starting with HCI, “Storage Services” can be obtained for applications such as Openstack, KVM or VMware environments. With the ONTAP Select extension, file services are also available.

The icing on the cake is integration into an ecosystem that enables seamless cloud services.

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Dario Furigo

Dario Furigo, Team Leader Virtualization & Storage