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The complete Swiss package for your SAP HANA operation with Power from IBM Power

Your trusted SAP partner combined with our Swiss Enterprise Cloud - that's two aces up your sleeve. Add to this the IBM Power platform and you have an unbeatable combination for S/4HANA "as a service". Get an idea of the added value of a national approach compared to the international SAP cloud machinery.

If your organization has decided to move to SAP S/4HANA, moving your on-premise system to an external cloud environment will be part of the discussion. You may be considering sourcing other parts of your IT or even the entire IT as a service. During your initial efforts to gain an overview, you will be bombarded with a plethora of buzzwords, possible providers and approaches. We encourage you to invest an hour to discuss the topic face-to-face with one of our specialists. After years of working with many customers and software specialists (including SAP professionals), we are more convinced than ever that our Swiss approach is the most suitable, especially for SMEs.

Our way for you: close cooperation with the best partial solutions for a perfect whole

For you as an SAP or S/4HANA customer, we believe in the beneficial effect of combining three elements:

  1. Your trusted SAP consulting company that knows your business, harmonizes your processes with S/4HANA and supports you during implementation and basic operation.
  2. We work with you and your SAP partner on an equal footing when it comes to infrastructure issues and Swiss Enterprise Cloud and Managed Services. And, if required, far beyond your SAP system.
  3. The unparalleled reliability and scalability of the IBM Power server architecture for highly effective, cost-effective, secure, stable in-memory operation of S/4HANA.

The three cornerstones of a personal Swiss S/4HANA operation for your organization. Read on to understand more about what we mean.

Your SAP partner: Using S/4HANA with Fiori in your interest

Are you already working with a specialized SAP consulting company and have a trusting exchange about processes and implementation? That’s how it should be! Together with your SAP partner, you can harmonize your business processes with the S/4HANA software suite, develop them further and ensure basic software operation. The most important basis for using SAP software for your business. We would never presume to play a direct role here.

But: Is your SAP partner familiar in depth with infrastructure and cloud environments and their operation? If not, they will probably advise you without reservation to use the international “SAP Cloud” approaches (HANA Enterprise Cloud or “RISE with SAP”). Perhaps suitable for you – or perhaps suboptimal. Be critical and consider challenges such as data security, complexity of integration, dependency on international cloud services and change management effort. Take into account that your organization has individual requirements that maximum standardized packages may not be able to meet.

ITpoint Enterprise Cloud as the perfect basis for S/4HANA – and much more

Yes, a Swiss approach. Established for many years, used by numerous well-known customers and officially audited (ISO 27000, ISO 20000, ISAE 3402) and awarded. Our approach is to take the burden of IT operations off your shoulders with our people and our know-how. Especially for critical applications such as S/4HANA. For us, it is completely normal to work with your trusted SAP software partner to meet your needs and set up a cloud solution that you could never expect from a hyperscaler in terms of personal support, scalability and security. Taking your individual requirements into account, we provide you with resources from our highly available, geo-redundant “Enterprise Cloud” and with our managed service concept in a way that no international Cloud service can even begin to match. Without any price disadvantage. This doesn’t just apply to SAP HANA, it applies to your entire IT. IT as a service is our topic. But we need your SAP partner in the ERP environment! For S/4HANA customers and your SAP partner in particular, we have created conditions that provide maximum support for in-memory computing. And this also includes the IBM Power architecture.

The power of IBM Power – especially for more demanding HANA environments

From an infrastructure perspective, our managed service concept includes two server technologies: x86 (primarily from Intel) and – of course – IBM Power. Especially for larger SAP environments, there is no way around considering the IBM Power architecture (combined with the groundbreaking performance of IBM Flash Systems as a storage target for SAP applications). But what makes IBM Power technology so special for your SAP environment?

  • Performance and scalability: IBM Power servers are simply faster and more scalable. Where x86 systems have long since reached their limits, Power servers are still bored. The memory scalability of a Power server alone is several times higher than that of an x86 server.
  • Parallel processing and multi-core architecture: IBM Power processors use a multi-core architecture that is optimized for parallel processing. This is particularly important for data-intensive applications such as SAP HANA, which benefit from parallel processing capabilities
  • Memory bandwidth and large storage capacity: S/4HANA requires fast access to large amounts of random access memory (RAM). IBM Power servers support high memory bandwidth and offer the ability to install large amounts of RAM, which supports the performance of SAP HANA.
  • Reliability and availability: IBM Power systems are far more reliable than x86 systems. For most companies using S/4HANA, this is relevant to minimize downtime.
  • Virtualization: IBM Power servers deliver the most advanced virtualization technology, which enables the most efficient use of resources specifically for SAP HANA and the ability to run many more productive SAP instances on a physical server.

IBM Power Systems with Power10 processors provide performance, availability and scalability for S/4HANA environments that no other server manufacturer can offer. IBM Power is an integral part of the ITpoint Enterprise Cloud.


Check with your SAP partner about working with us. It could simplify your life, boost the effectiveness of your HANA environment and take security, availability and scalability to a new dimension. Question SAP’s standard cloud approaches in the interests of your company and exchange ideas with us for an hour so that you can get an idea of our Swiss approach. Together with your SAP consulting partner.

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Urs Frehner

Urs Frehner, Sales Leader