Samsung Knox Suite

The enterprise solution for highly granular control of smartphones and tablets.

Samsung Knox Suite

Samsung Knox Suite consists of all the components needed to control, secure and deploy mobile device fleets and their content and apps. It covers all your mobile device deployment processes in the enterprise environment; from automated initial setup and enforcement of applicable security policies to update management and corporate identity. The versatile solution also offers easy license management and seamless usage through a single intuitive console.

Samsung offers the right mobile device for every application with its product variety. Performance and security as well as the highest quality in smartphones, tablets and wearables are guaranteed at all times.

Benefits Samsung Knox Suite

Simple initial setup

With Knox Mobile Enrollment, company-specific settings can be made automatically during the initial setup of company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices. This greatly simplifies the onboarding process and can be easily performed by employees themselves.

Mobile device management

Knox Manage is the control center of the Knox Suite and provides a comprehensive set of management capabilities around device settings, applications, content, security and more. With Knox Manage, IT administrators are able to remotely manage, configure, lock and wipe devices at any time. Knox Manage leverages Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment to significantly shorten the setup process by automating client installation and enrollment.

Controlled update deployment ( Knox E-FOTA)

In Knox E-FOTA, the E stands for “Enterprise” and FOTA stands for “Firmware over the Air”. Knox E-FOTA makes it possible to manage firmware versions on mobile Samsung devices. An up-to-date Android version including all security updates is crucial for mobile security. With Knox E-FOTA, IT administrators can test updates before deployment to ensure compatibility between in-house apps and new operating systems. Updates can be controlled by IT regardless of location and be mandatory at a specified time, without users having to interrupt their work.

Multi-layer security platform

With Knox Platform for Enterprise, business and private content can be isolated on the same device thanks to a security container. Knox Platform for Enterprise provides unique, advanced security management capabilities on mobile devices for the underlying Android OS and is therefore recommended for enterprises that require higher security standards.

Benefits ITpoint



Many years of experience with various companies and different requirements.



Experienced systems engineers and consultants.

Partner network

Partner network

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Personal communication brings clarity, open dialog shows potential for optimization, and competence creates trust.



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Highly available IT environment, monitored around the clock (ISO/IEC 20000 and 27001 standards).

Our offer

ITpoint Managed Service – Samsung Knox Suite

Outsource all activities around your mobile ecosystem. As an official Samsung Managed Service Provider, our Samsung as well as Android Enterprise certified employees take care of your mobile devices, components from the Knox suite and your management tennant.

Digital Workplace – Samsung Knox Suite

Our standard service provides the basis for centralized device management. We take care of all activities related to the Samsung Knox Suite components and ensure uninterrupted operation including all licenses as well as access to the certified support team of ITpoint and Samsung Elite Support.

Digital Workplace – Samsung Knox Suite Enhanced Support

In addition to the standard services, the Samsung Knox Suite Plus Service includes the most important work around the complete solution. We perform a wide range of management tasks for you, such as remote wipe or add new applications. We ensure compliance and update the entire system including end devices. This and much more for a fixed price per month.

Highlight: Samsung‘s Elite Support

Take advantage of this globally unique opportunity with ITpoint and benefit from Samsung’s Elite support in all our offerings. This gives you direct access to Samsung’s team of experts in Enterprise Mobility. Together with us, the Elite team will help you troubleshoot, get everything ready for the next OS release, or implement the use of Samsung smartphones and tablets in innovative ways. Downtime and inefficiency mean lost productivity – safeguard against it!

More possibilities

In addition to the Samsung Knox Suite Managed Service, we also offer support for your existing Samsung Knox environment.

Alternatively bookable: Knox Configure (Configuration)
With Knox Configure, remotely configure Samsung phones and tablets simultaneously and customize them to meet specific needs. Custom profiles, settings, restrictions, apps and other content can be used to create individual devices.

Our expert tip: Mobile Only Experience – with Samsung DeX

Imagine you don’t need computers or laptops for you and your employees and do all your work only via smartphone or tablet. Arrive, dock, get started. Interesting, isn’t it? With our Mobile Only Experience concept, which we implement with Samsung DeX, you benefit from a technology that equips the smartphone and tablet with full desktop functionalities and thus offers a new level of mobile working.

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