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Mobile Security – Mobile Threat Defense

Kennen Sie die Gefahren, denen Ihre mobilen Geräte ausgesetzt sind? Die zunehmende Vernetzung öffnet die Tür für eine Vielzahl neuer Bedrohungen. Entdecken Sie das fehlende Puzzle-Teil in Ihrer mobilen Sicherheitsstrategie.

Mobile device threats are grouped into three attack vectors: network, device, and application. Through these, myriad types of attack methods can be executed that compromise mobile devices.

An employee connects to an insecure wi-fi network while on the road. Without his knowledge, attackers can easily hijack a session, take down login & personal data, or run a targeted exploit to take control of the entire device.

Malware can get onto a device via an email attachment disguised as a PDF, for example. Not only can audio and video recordings be made without the user’s knowledge, but cloud applications and data can also be accessed.

Even applications from the app store that are approved by an antivirus program can be malicious. After the app is installed, it is in its own sandbox, which the antivirus program cannot see. Only then is code executed that downloads a malicious program. This malware subsequently expands the privileges on the device.

Mobile threat defense solutions, such as Zimperium’s Intrusion Prevention System (zIPS), use machine learning methods to classify known and emerging cyber threats in real time. Incoming and outgoing network connections are monitored and interrupted if suspicious. Thousands of operating system parameters are analyzed and compared to expected and acceptable behavior patterns to immediately detect anomalies. The reputation and code of downloaded applications on mobile devices are examined to identify malware in disguise.

With zConsole, administrators can quickly get an overview of the state of all mobile devices connected to the enterprise. The console offers forensic tools to investigate all registered incidents in detail. By marrying the Mobile Threat Defense solution to the existing enterprise mobile management platform, cyber threats can be averted in an automated manner to ensure the security of business data.

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