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Five reasons for a Microsoft 365 backup

Many companies that have Microsoft 365 Backup in place still don't know what is Microsoft's responsibility in terms of data protection and what they are responsible for themselves. The following summary from Forrester breaks down the areas of responsibility:

Backup Mistake

Microsoft does offer reliable disaster recovery with its Microsoft 365 solution. However, this solution is not sufficient as a safeguard for business-critical data against loss or destruction, because it offers no protection against accidental deletion, against viruses or malware, against hackers or against ransomware attacks on the user side. This means that users themselves are responsible for protecting their data from these risks. We summarize why business-critical Microsoft 365 data should additionally be secured with a suitable backup solution:

  1. Accidental deletion
    User error is one of the most common causes of data loss. Often data and conversations are deleted or overwritten unknowingly. If data loss is only noticed after 30 days, it is not backed up by the Microsoft Microsoft 365 solution without additional backup.
  2. Cybercrime
    After an attack, it is not always possible to restore data with pinpoint accuracy. In ransomware attacks, for example, it happens that data is encrypted, so that a rollback can only be performed with the help of a third-party backup solution. See our blog post of 02/12/2019 for more information on ransomware threats
  3. Intentional Deletion
    It happens that dissatisfied employees or employees in terminated employment intentionally destroy data. With a backup of Microsoft 365 data, this data can be restored even beyond the 30 days.
  4. Legal Compliance Requirements
    Companies required to keep accounting records are obligated under the Business Records Ordinance (GeBüV) to maintain and store their information to be archived in such a way that it cannot be altered without this being detectable (GeBüV, Art. 3). It must be possible to inspect and check the stored documents within a reasonable period of time. A backup solution can be used to ensure that legal requirements are met.
  5. Software Errors
    Software errors happen at the software level and are beyond the control of the user. To avoid data loss due to software errors, backup is recommended.

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Michael Trutmann

Michael Trutmann, Solution Architect & Consultant