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Does Microsoft 365 fit you?

From skepticism to curiosity, from curiosity to intensive tests and first projects. We've got the getting-to-know-you phase behind us, and we've learned from our stumbles. In the meantime, Office 365 is anchored in our portfolio as a supplement to our own managed services and cloud concept "ORIA". Does Office 365 fit into your company? You don't have to figure that out on your own.

The richness of functions and the integrated nature of the individual tools is amazing and can take communication and collaboration to a new level. However, there are definitely stumbling blocks to adoption, and some incidents of O365 services are likely to raise the hackles of one or two CSOs or compliance managers.

1. discussion of relevant current situation
2. presentation of O365 packages with basic functions of the tools and license models
3. discussion of your requirement and specifications
4. outline/weighing of solution scenarios of O365 in your company
5. decision on further procedure


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Michael Trutmann

Michael Trutmann, Solution Architect & Consultant