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Creative thinking, living and working

Yes – I'm glad. Today, I am finally able to squeeze one of my colleagues about professional and private matters again - and this highly officially for our employee portrait.

I sit slightly nervously in my home office and wait anxiously for him to call. It’s 8:30 in the morning. I take the video call that arrives on time. To my amazement, on the other side of the screen sits a totally relaxed, seemingly calm, positively disposed and absolutely not nervous-looking person – Andreas Freitag. Andreas is 39 years old and has been part of the ITpoint team for over seven years.

Andreas’ previous path at ITpoint (in a nutshell)

Having started as a Senior Storage Engineer at ITpoint, Andreas has trained as a Senior Network Engineer in recent years.

Andreas Balthasar Freitag

With the technological developments of the last few years in the storage sector, my tasks as a Senior Storage Engineer had also changed. I was toying with the idea of further training in the network area. Today I am glad that ITpoint has supported me strongly in a very fair way

Andreas Freitag, Senior Network Engineer  ITpoint Systems AG

In his role as Senior Network Engineer, designing networks is one of his favorite tasks. He regularly explores the question of how he can build a network for ITpoint customers that is not too complex and still offers good security. He enjoys his job because he can combine logical networked thinking with creativity and that is very important to him.

Team spirit. Knowledge. Freedom. Understanding..

Andreas seems to be very satisfied not only with his tasks, but also with his team and ITpoint as an employer. Andreas describes his colleagues as very open, honest, direct and communicative. Smiling, he adds: «They are always ready for my sense of humor. Of course I think that’s great».

He is also enthusiastic about the fact that knowledge is shared within the network team, but also at ITpoint in general. «I was able to learn a lot from my colleagues and put it directly into practice». He always orients his actions to the wishes of his customers. Nevertheless, he enjoys a high degree of freedom to plan and dynamically organise his daily work routine himself.

As the father of a 7-year-old, he also particularly appreciates his colleagues’ understanding of his private obligations, but also the opportunity to work from his home office.

Electrifying ITpoint vs. electronic music

Not only at ITpoint, but also in his private life, it seems to be important for Andreas to live out his creativity. Under the pseudonym «Balthasar Freitag», derived from his full name «Andreas Balthasar Freitag», he passionately likes to tinker with his music in the studio and always dives into new musical discoveries. As a DJ he is now rarely on the road, but his music is still influenced by the long club nights of bygone days.

«I switch off completely when I listen to music or produce my own. I see many parallels to my current job. Even as a producer I can be creative and feel free. It used to be my dream to play the big stages of the world. Today…» It gets quiet. Andreas stops and thinks for a moment. «Today it would still be an experience I would like to have, but I don’t explicitly strive for it anymore».

We laugh and talk further about his own studio, which he completely renovated during the COVID19 pandemic. He shows me his time-lapse video of his studio renovation. Very exciting I think.

Andreas Studio

Creativity also in private

Besides his work at ITpoint and his passion, music, Andreas likes to spend a lot of time with his 7-year-old son.

«It is a lot of fun for me to be active with my son. For example, my son often accompanies me when I go jogging with his bicycle. He also likes badminton very much, so that we played some badminton matches in our garden during the lockdown.»

Andreas Freitag und Familie

With Andreas’ comments we realize that he is also very creative in his role as a father. From sporting activities such as tennis and floorball, to making music together and building Legos, the two men have already discovered a lot and hardly a day is like the other. Just the way children love it.

In any case, I am very happy that I was able to get to know another great person today and I wish Andreas Balthasar Freitag all the best for his future at ITpoint, but also for his private wishes from the bottom of my heart!