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Double Victory at the Fortinet Fabric Challenge

Our guys have shown their brains. Two ITpoint teams at the "Fortinet Fabric Challenge 2024" among dozens of competitors from German-speaking Switzerland and the Romandy. Theme: Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA). Result: 1st and 2nd places. A big thank you to Fortinet for a fantastic initiative that combines playfulness and competitive spirit with the bitter seriousness of cybercrime in an enjoyable way.

As different as Sabin Tsonev, Miguel Fernandes, Andreas Freitag, and Kevin Seifert are, they have at least two things in common: They are part of the “Network & Security” specialist team at ITpoint, and they practice their profession with passion. Cybersecurity solutions from our partner Fortinet are part of their daily work, they enjoy what they do, and they were naturally enthusiastic about participating in the Fortinet Fabric Challenge. Team Leader Sabin Tsonev says: “The Fortinet event is an excellent opportunity to test and improve one’s own skills. Not only because the competitive situation creates a certain pressure, but precisely because of that.”

So sehen Gewinner aus. Marco Grzybeck von Fortinet übergibt die Siegerpreise an Miguel Fernandes / Sabin Tsonev (Team 1, Rang 1) und Andreas Freitag / Kevin Seifert (Team 2, Rang 2).

The Fortinet Fabric Challenge is an eSports skills competition, based on a series of cybersecurity challenges.  To succeed, players must use their skills with Fortinet products to solve objectives in a set amount of time, with bonus points available for the fastest times throughout. Previous challenges have included SD-WAN, Zero Trust, SASE, Incident Response, Operational Technology (OT), Central Management, and more. Players are dropped into a virtual world (“the customer site”), where they explore the environment to uncover the objectives. Each player has a self-contained virtual environment representing the customer network, where they complete the objectives. The challenge is a fast-paced, hands-on competition where participants can compete head-to-head with the best Fortinet users worldwide.

We are very excited about the continued, thrilling collaboration with Fortinet!

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Sabin Tsonev

Sabin Tsonev, Teamleader Network & Security