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Windows 10 Spring Creators Update – An overview

The latest major update for Windows 10 called April 2018 Update (version 1803) has been available for a short time. Besides optimizations, there are also some new features. The fact that Microsoft does not use a marketing name already shows that no major changes are included. Nevertheless, the update is interesting.

Our recommendation:
The easiest and safest way to install the update is via Windows Update. With the new version, the large function extension installs a lot faster than in the past. This is because files are already exchanged in the background during the download. The update is then carried out within a few minutes. The update appears with the designation “Function update for Windows 10, version 1803”.

Problem cases are only a few known. In most cases, incompatible installed software (especially antivirus software) or hardware are to blame when a Windows 10 update permanently fails to install.

Overview Windows 10 / April 2018 update:

One of the most noticeable new features is the “Timeline”. A feature that simplifies working with Windows on different devices. The Timeline displays your activity over the last 30 days, such as websites you’ve visited, apps you’ve opened, and documents you’ve edited. If you log in to the same account on different devices, such as in the office or at home, the Timeline shows you what you last worked on the other device. This way, you can directly resume the interrupted work. You can also select a processing status from the Timeline and continue working at that point. Within the timeline, there is a search function that makes navigating easier.

Adjustments interface / new options
Equally noticeable are the adjustments to the interface. Microsoft wants to use the Fluent Design more consistently. The design focuses on transparency effects, light, depth and movement. The Acrylic and Reveal effects are used more. Windows 10 offers significantly more, such as numerous new options in the settings and an improved people bar with up to ten “buttons” in the taskbar.

Edge browser / New options
The Edge browser gets some new features. Newly, the high-contrast Dark Mode can be selected. Browser extensions can be used in private mode. After Firefox and Chrome, the Edge browser has now also received the option to mute individual tabs. In addition, address data can now be stored in the advanced settings of the browser, so that the browser automatically fills the corresponding forms.

Also the eBook and PDF reader integrated in the Edge browser gets an upgrade. So Microsoft has renewed the entire appearance of the tool and added quite a few features such as a full-screen mode and a note function.

“Diagnostic Data Viewer”
Furthermore, Microsoft wants to provide more information on the use of user data. A “Diagnostic Data Viewer” which displays all information in text form is available. The shows all the data that is stored in the Microsoft Cloud. Unfortunately, the information is somewhat cryptic and not easy to interpret for the layman, but at least this diagnostic data can also be deleted!

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