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Status ISO 20000 and what it has to do with you

We can improve ourselves in many regards. We want to do so not only for your benefit – in fact, we are obligated to do better. After all, auditors come to scrutinise us every year. They were with us this spring due to the recertification for ISO 20000 that takes place every three years.

Our actions are in consistent alignment with the principles of ISO 20000. ISO 20000 is considered to be the only authentic standard for IT Service Management. It contains a number of obligatory requirements that ust be demonstrably fulfilled. We were audited in the spring of 2014 and subsequently received the corresponding certification. Annual audits have been mandatory ever since. Continuous service improvement is a key objective of ISO 20000. Recertification takes place every three years. Our first recertification took place at the beginning of 2017.

Pleasing result
During the recertification audit in the spring of 2017, we were able to demonstrate substantial improvements to the Service Management System in the following areas

  • Service Management Tool (Cherwell)
  • Monitoring (PRTG)
  • Processes
  • Customer Service Reporting

We passed the recertification audit with «no»-findings. We were especially pleased with the following quote from the SQS auditor’s report:

«The team of auditors wishes to emphasise the high degree of maturity of the entire ITpoint Service Management System that has improved massively, especially during the preceding year. The relatively young system is extremely comprehensive (processes and tools) and of a high consistency (data and notations)».

Stagnation is regression
And so it continues. ISO 20000 obligates us to continuously measure our process performance and to consider constantly (Continual) how our processes and Services can be improved (Improvement). The CSI concept is a fundamental element of the entire IT Service Management System and therefore also of our «ORIA Prime Managed Services». It is not always easy to question existing structures. People like to hold on to what they are familiar with. Sometimes it is a balancing act between process improvement on the one hand and the mindset of employees on the other. Avoiding the creation of «bureaucratic» processes is especially important. Adjustments must lead to increased productivity and quality. The emphasis is always on providing benefits and added value to our customers. If we can achieve that, the support of our employees is guaranteed.

You play a role
Friction can arise before improvements become established. We take this opportunity to thank you for the understanding that you have had to muster on occasion. Your many inputs (not least from a recently concluded customer survey) are of immense value to us. Your contributions towards our continuous improvement process are beneficial to us, but all the more to you.

Do you have any questions or would you like to get to know us?

Contact me now for an exchange. I look forward to meeting you!

Patrick Hertig

Patrick Hertig, Chief Information Security Officer