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Acropolis Hypervisor – a new approach

Hypervisors were originally designed to optimize the resources used by hardware and massively reduce the number of physical machines. Complex designs are sometimes required to resolve memory and application resource conflicts while ensuring high availability and scalability. The Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) from Nutanix today enables a new approach.

AHV is an enterprise-class hypervisor that provides integrated virtualization, application mobility, management, operational insight and security. It was designed from the ground up to provide a simpler and scalable hypervisor and associated management platform by leveraging the software intelligence of the hypercomputing architecture.

We summarize five advantages of the new approach for you:

1. simplicity
AHV provides a simple and scalable web interface for managing the virtual machines. The solution behind it is called Nutanix Prism. Whether in a single data center or distributed across multiple data centers and offices worldwide; virtualization, hyper-convergent infrastructure and cloud can be managed in a single platform. This means that the provisioning, cloning and protection of virtual machines is done holistically as part of the hyperconvergent architecture.

2. security
Traditional hypervisors must interact with hardware and software products from many manufacturers. Given today’s requirements, this approach is too expensive and does not offer flexible response capabilities. It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure uninterrupted operation of increasingly powerful and complex silo environments, as protecting this environment requires many human and financial resources.

Today’s needs are for scalability, responsiveness, ease of maintenance and management. AHV is tuned, tested and hardened exclusively for the Nutanix hyper-convergent infrastructure. This approach results in a hardened product with massively increased security.

3. resilience
Previous virtualization solutions are managed with a central management VM, which is simple but represents a “single point of failure”.

In AHV virtualization, Nutanix Prism is a part of each node. Therefore, the management functions in Nutanix are highly redundant and will run undiminished even if one node fails. Less detached parts mean that failures due to incompatibility are avoided, which reduces the risk of downtime. The easy and quick upgrades of Nutanix also ensure continuous uptime.

4. analytics (data driven management)
Nutanix AHV is a part of the Nutanix Prism solution and therefore license free. This means that companies do not need an additional software license to extract analyses. Furthermore, data does not have to be loaded into a separate database.

AHV feeds all system, audit and self-correction events into the distributed database to create real-time situation awareness.

5. economic advantages
AHV helps companies to reduce costs for the existing hypervisor and to concentrate completely on their core business.

  1. Software license costs
    With AHV, no additional license for operating systems, third-party database products such as Microsoft SQL or Oracle or management, analysis or disaster recovery software is required to benefit from highly available management functions.
  2. Ongoing administrative burden
    A consistently integrated software ensures that all functions work together optimally. Fully automated upgrades for AHV, firmware, and Nutanix Cluster Check eliminate the need to check an interoperability matrix before upgrading.
  3. business interruption costs
    With non-disruptive upgrades and all-inclusive software, numerous points of failure are eliminated, reducing maintenance requirements and the likelihood of downtime.
  4. Hardware costs
    Even small older virtualization platforms require many different tools that require additional resources. As they grow, the number of resources required tends to increase. AHV eliminates the need for dedicated management clusters and the associated compute/storage resources, as well as the cost of rack space, power, cooling and network ports.

For most companies, achieving an optimal IT infrastructure is not a goal in itself. It is much more about using the IT infrastructure to enable the company to exist successfully.

Thanks to AHV from Nutanix, companies can use their creative and talented IT specialists to make the company more competitive, efficient and profitable. You too can take your company one step further.

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