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Free DDoS protection for all ITpoint ORIA Cloud customers

In response to the growing threat of targeted cyber-attacks and the greater risk of damage, we have enabled proactive DDoS protection for all our ORIA Cloud customers at no additional cost. All clients receiving IT services from ITpoint data centers can benefit from this protection immediately.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection analyzes all Internet data traffic entering the ITpoint data centers, detects anomalies and takes protective measures against them. This means that even during a DDoS attack, our services will remain available to all our ORIA Cloud clients.

In today’s world of networked IT, there are numerous risks for consumers. These threats are constantly evolving and taking on new forms. Targeted DDoS attacks pose one of the greatest risks to cyber security. These attacks aim to limit or even completely bring down certain services available online. In this case, the goal is not to steal sensitive data per se, but rather to damage a company’s business and reputation by making their services unavailable to customers.

We operate own cloud infrastructures in two Swiss data centers. Our team analyzes the threat of cyber risks and takes powerful measures to combat them. DDoS protection is just one of these effective measures.

Further information from the federal government on DDoS attacks:

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Philippe Wettstein

Philippe Wettstein, Chief Managed Services OfficerMember of the Board