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Protect you from ransomware with your own personal caution

Cryptolocker variants are unfortunately flying high and can cause significant damage to your organization. You yourself, as the "end user", are responsible for ensuring that we manage to contain this plague.

The threat situation with the so-called extortion Trojans and Cryptolocker variations (Cryptowall, Teslacrypt, Locky, etc.) has increased exorbitantly in recent months. Many of these attacks by cybercriminals currently run through computers in Russia. The targets of these attacks are often also completely “normal” and intrinsically trustworthy websites. If these sites are infected, it means a great risk for the unsuspecting computer users and Internet surfers. Accessing the website can already lead to a system being infected. This malware/ransomware can cause significant damage by encrypting files, making them unusable for the user. Antivirus vendors can only react to this threat reactively and mostly fail to detect the latest mutations of the viruses/Trojans. Making the required payments to get the decryption keys of the files is not recommended. To avoid infection by these Trojans, you as a user are the crucial factor.

Keep the following in mind:

  • Do not run executables you doubt are trustworthy.
  • Always use caution with suspicious (unexpected) emails from unknown senders.
  • Do not follow instructions. Do not open any attachments or follow any links if you are suspicious.

For system owners, ITpoint is available to provide advice and assistance. Contact your internal IT manager or your ITpoint supervisor, or contact our Service Desk at [email protected]. ITpoint customers where ITpoint has operational responsibility will, of course, be instructed separately.

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Michael Trutmann

Michael Trutmann, Solution Architect & Consultant