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BlackBerry Admin Update – September 2020

On September 3rd 2020 the new version 12.13 MR1 of BlackBerry UEM with support for Android 11 and iOS / iPad OS14 was released. Several new features are in focus.

The new version 12.13 MR1 offers support for Android 11 and for iOS 14 / iPad OS 14 and ChromeOS. The version has also been enhanced with many additional functions. Some of them we summarize for you:

  • The BlackBerry Security Gateway supports modern authentication to Microsoft Exchange Online (Office 365 AD) for iOS devices with iOS or iPadOS 13.0 or higher. MDM controls must be activated for this.
  • In the new version it can be specified whether the AI assistant on the device can use Screen Capture content. New can be registered when users take screen captures. Furthermore, a time period between two screen captures can be defined.
  • With this release, the activation process of BlackBerry Dynamics apps is simplified. Users can now activate or reset the apps with simple passwords or QR codes in addition to the 15-digit access key.
  • When users set up a device or reset one of the devices to factory defaults that was first activated for Android zero touch registration or Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment, the device automatically downloads the BlackBerry UEM client and starts the BlackBerry UEM activation process.
  • BlackBerry UEM now also supports devices running Android11, ChromeOS, iOS 14 or iPad OS 14.
  • All MDM managed Windows 10 devices now also support Windows Hello for Business.

Our recommendations for your end devices
Before you upgrade your devices to Android 11, make sure you install the BlackBerry UEM client for Android version 12.37.1.x. Please note that all BlackBerry apps must first be brought up to date before updating. In this case, BlackBerry additionally recommends updating the UEM server to version 12.13.1. No special measures are required for devices that update to iOS 14 / iPadOS 14.

We have tested the releases extensively for you.

Contact me if I can assist you with the updates or answer your questions.

I look forward to meeting you!

Samuel Jud

Samuel Jud, Mobile Solution Architect & Consultant