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“Bad Rabbit” – another encryption Trojan on the rise

Nach WannaCry und Petya folgt mit «Bad Rabbit» eine weitere grosse Ransomware-Attacke. «Bad Rabbit» verschlüsselt die lokale Harddisk und macht diese unbrauchbar. Beim Neustart des PCs erscheint dann eine Meldung mit einer Lösegeldforderung.

The ransomware spreads via Internet sites (mainly in Eastern Europe) with corresponding scripts that prompt to install a FlashPlayer update. The installation of this FlashPlayer installs the ransomware on the local system. The user needs local administrator privileges to install this “update”.

Help to contain the spread of Ransomware by being mindful. Among other things, do not download attachments from unsolicited emails. Also, avoid entering infected websites by clicking on pop-up ads. These are sometimes the most common infection routes.

Information about Bad Rabbit on Wikipedia:

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Patrick Hertig

Patrick Hertig, Chief Information Security Officer