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ITpoint Systems: Trusted IT for Business

ITpoint Systems AG specialises in advising, planning, implementing and running your IT infrastructure. We use innovative and proven technology from worldwide leading manufacturers and work in accordance with tried-and-tested methods to your comprehensive benefit.

We have helped national and international enterprises tackle their IT challenges since 2002. ITpoint provides support in word and deed for IT-strategic issues as well as with regard to implementing and maintaining the IT infrastructure.

Our certifications

ISO/IEC 20000
In addition to the definition of ITSM objectives, ISO 20000 also specifies, for example, key figures on customer satisfaction, availability of IT services, IT security measures or capacities.

ISO20000 Zertifikat SQS EN

The constant monitoring of these indicators and the associated ongoing improvement process of ITSM is the core element of ISO 20000.

ISO/IEC 27001
ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security in private, public or non-profit organizations. It describes the requirements for setting up, implementing, operating and optimizing a documented information security management system.

ISO 27001 itpoint
In addition to the information security management system, ISO 27001 deals with the analysis and handling of information security risks. Within the framework of the requirements described, values and value chains are protected by selecting the appropriate security mechanisms.

Milestones in the history of ITpoint Systems AG

2015 Acquisition of wedoit AG by ITpoint Systems AG
2013 Acquisition of VR2 Swiss AG by ITpoint Systems AG
2009 Change of name to ITpoint Systems AG
2009 Acquisition of becom Informationssysteme AG by ITpoint AG
2002 Foundation of ITpoint AG