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Praxis Gruppe Schweiz is gearing up for the digital future

The health care system of the future is digital, networked, transparent and patient-oriented. Praxis Gruppe Schweiz has embarked on an IT strategy that leads to a gradual modernisation in the best interests of its patients. Praxis Gruppe has just taken an important step: consolidating and moving the central IT environment to a highly secure platform.

Starting point
Praxis Gruppe is already present in more than 25 doctors’ offices. As a medical network of family doctors and specialists, Praxis Gruppe is committed to ensuring that rural areas continue to receive medical care in the future. The emphasis is on “family doctor care” rather than establishing new group practices. The Praxis Gruppe will help sustain the current family doctor practices in the long term. It is of utmost importance that family doctors continue providing their services as flawlessly and economically as possible through the use of modern means. IT plays an important role in making this possible.

ORIA Big picture system


With ITpoint, the Praxis Gruppe has been implementing a new strategy. First, the data and core applications were moved to an infrastructure that guarantees the highest level of security and availability. In parallel, a large physical archive was digitised, which will be provided via a “document management” solution in the future.

Now, all data on the ORIA platform is housed in high-security data centres in Switzerland and is permanently mirrored and secured. The Praxis Gruppe shares a system with other organisations according to the cloud principle, but uses private, secure areas. The Praxis Gruppe employees always access encrypted applications and data in the data centre. Citrix technology ensures that only image content is transported to any end device (PC, notebook, tablet, smartphone) and for users, it feels as if the data is local wherever they are.

According to the ORIA principle, an ITpoint specialist team ensures the operation of the systems and supports the Praxis Gruppe in all matters related to IT.

Advantages & Future

The Praxis Gruppe can thus concentrate on its core business and enjoy high quality IT at a moderate price. The system can be expanded as required. In the future, doctors will be offered step-by-step IT services that will support their daily interaction with patients and relieve the burden of administrative work.

Take your first step into an IT world of the future.

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Urs Frehner

Urs Frehner, Sales Leader