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JLS DIGITAL AG: IT as a service according to the hybrid cloud model

As a creative agency and leading general contractor in digital marketing, JLS DIGITAL AG excels in seamlessly combining creation, marketing and technology and has become the market leader for digital communication in Switzerland.

Initial situation
JLS DIGITAL would like to procure IT completely as a service.

We are an SME with a clearly defined focus on digital marketing services. For all the technology affinity of our profession, IT is merely a means to an end for us and not a core competence. We are happy to leave operation, know-how and support to the professionals.

Roland Renggli, Chief Technology Officer at JLS.

However, typical agency applications, such as rendering multimedia content, are too extensive to be handled in an external cloud without loss of quality and with adequate performance. To still benefit from the advantages of the cloud, a hybrid cloud solution was recommended.

JLS uses a dedicated IT infrastructure on its own premises. ITpoint not only manages this infrastructure for JLS, but also provides the backup and recovery services. For this purpose, all data is permanently replicated and backed up from JLS to the ITpoint shared cloud environment using NetApp technology. All infrastructure, software and operations resources are procured as a service according to the ORIA principle. For JLS, this is the ideal concept: on the one hand, experts take responsibility for the backup, and on the other hand, the agency prevents disaster by simply and effectively separating the productive and backup data geographically.


  • Experts take responsibility
  • IT on site where necessary and in the cloud where possible
  • Concentration on core competencies
  • Security of a cloud solution in Switzerland
  • Highest reliability through integration of Tier IV data centers
  • Contemporary data protection with Opex instead of Capex
  • Data management without interruption
  • All-round service with direct access to answers

Would you like to learn more about our managed services?

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Urs Frehner

Urs Frehner, Sales Leader