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Flagfood AG: High performance on all levels

Since 1975 Flagfood has specialized in trading frozen fruits, fruit purées and concentrated fruit purées for the food industry oversees and in all of Europe. By using ORIA Flagfood has a future-oriented and flexible operating model, which as an integrated solution reduces the costs to a minimum.

Flagfood has a long-term dynamic partner network and purchases ist raw materials from agricultural areas around the world with the main focus on Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Marocco, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Chile and Southafrica.

Initial Situation 
A solid IT infrastructure for Office Automation and a stable ERP System for the trade with raw materials is essential for Flagfood. The IT should be efficient and aid business and trade.

ITpoint provides Flagfood with Infrastructure, Software and Operation Services according to the ORIA principle. The Shared Cloud Environment with two data centers – with replication, Backup & Recovery – are used as a platform. This platform is based on the latest WAN, LAN, Computing and Storage technologies and Software Services. The system is also set up for the future requirements of Flagfood. Single applications like the operating system, Active Directory-, File-, Print-, Microsoft Exchange Services, as well as the ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics AX are «virtually dedicated» and provided as a service with ORIA. These applications and services are an integral part of the complete service environment and are publicized and made available via Citrix XenApp and Windows Terminal Services.

Benefits for Flagfood
ORIA is a future oriented and flexible operations system connected as an integrated business solution model for Flagfood with minimal costs. ORIA simplifies the IT complexity and increases at the same time availability, security and mobility. The flexible and modular service design permits a quick and simple reaction to new business requirements. This flexibility supports efficiency. In addition to the manageable and predictable operating costs, the likelyhood of additional capital expenditures (CAPEX) is reduced.

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Ronald Veidt

Ronald Veidt, Senior Account Manager