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Acommit uses ITpoint’s cloud infrastructure for DIAS SaaS solution

For years now, Acommit has been putting its heart and soul into the development of its own ERP system, DIAS. Now DIAS is available as an SaaS solution, new on ITpoint’s cloud infrastructure. In partnership with Acommit and ITpoint, DIAS remains a 100% Swiss product even in the SaaS model.

Full service, rather than just support
DIAS is a complete, fully integrated, modular ERP solution. Of the 100 or so DIAS customers, a quarter of them have already given up their own infrastructure in favour of the SaaS approach. When the SaaS offer was first launched, Acommit was operating its own infrastructure for this purpose. Although Acommit offers many IT solutions under one roof, it was not particularly focused on the operation of data centre infrastructures. Instead, the Horger IT specialist relies on established cloud platforms from which it can build its own services. And then came DIAS. Acommit transitioned to ITpoint’s ORIA Prime Managed Services model and as a result, all DIAS SaaS customers now receive the software as a service from the ITpoint cloud infrastructure.

Why ITpoint and ORIA?
Acommit is a close partner of Microsoft and an active user of Microsoft’s Azure platform. However, DIAS uses the IBM i operating system and, as Swiss business software, requires a Swiss platform operator. This means that in choosing a DIAS platform operator, Acommit was specifically looking for a Swiss provider with the necessary skills. When it comes to IBM i, ITpoint is number one in Switzerland. Not only does ITpoint come with an established service management system and many references, it can also provide the DIAS platform as an added service to the cloud model. For Acommit, the decision to work with ITpoint’s ORIA model made perfect sense.

Range of services
The Acommit DIAS ERP system is based on the IBM Power Architecture and the IBM i operating system. The power platform is an integral part of the ITpoint cloud platform, which operates according to ISO 20000 standards via two high-security data centres in Switzerland. Acommit uses redundant Internet connections and multiple logical IBM i partitions, as well as replication mechanisms for site-to-site mirroring and additional data backups, while ITpoint ensures monitoring, reporting and support with the ORIA concept.

Playing each other’s strengths
Thanks to its partnership with ITpoint, Acommit has been able to move the operation of IBM i cloud servers to a specialist in data centre infrastructures, thereby ensuring the highest level of availability and security. Whereas for ITpoint, the opportunity to partner with an ERP specialist like Acommit has been a fruitful learning experience and led to benefits for other customers.

About Acommit AG
For more than 30 years, Acommit has been creating holistic IT solutions that carefully coordinate industry-specific business processes and software for customers. With more than 60 employees at four locations, Acommit is a total IT provider, assisting customers in all matters related to IT. By focussing on selected industries, Acommit has developed branch-specific knowledge that it can pass on to its clients —  because the better an ERP system maps business processes, the more benefits it has to offer. As a full-service IT provider, Acommit also advises on cloud issues and Office 365, manages the entire customer IT infrastructure, and creates a solid foundation for other business applications. More at: acommit.ch

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Valentino Perrone

Valentino Perrone, Senior Account Manager