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The Other Michael Böbner

As the leader of our large Applications team, Michael Böbner ’s greatest professional challenge at the moment is overseeing the seamless integration of DevOps. Outside of work, however, he faces a different kind of challenge. No debates, no teamwork—just man to man combat.

Implementing DevOps is no easy feat. We’re still in the early stages, and let’s just say that the project has been anything but relaxing. We all have our own ways of unwinding after work, but Michael «Havok» Böbner is willing to take a black eye for it. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is his passion.

MMA is a full contact form of martial arts that combines various fighting techniques. Almost anything is allowed. Even after a fighter is completely down, his opponent can keep on attacking. If he can’t take it anymore, he can tap out.

Some people think MMA is barbaric, but for Michael it is the purest form of man-to-man combat. Michael Böbner: «I train several times a week so I can be faster, more skilled and tougher than my opponent in a serious fight. Once you’re in the cage, there’s no going back, no hiding. I consider MMA a school of life. And the training keeps me physically fit. However, I understand that MMA is controversial among the general public, which is why I am grateful that ITpoint not only accepts my hobby but also actively supports it. Even if I occasionally come into work looking a little roughed up.»

michael boebner rechteck

This Video offers a glimpse at Michael Böbner’s training in preparation for a fight.