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Our Head of Project & Service Management Team introduces himself!

My name is Armin Büeler. I have been working at ITpoint for about three years as the head of our project and service management team. Before that, I worked on the customer side. In my current role, I have a new perspective on the rewards and challenges that come with providing quality IT services. Following an apprenticeship in business IT, I spent several years working in software development and later held various management positions in a corporate environment. Nowadays, I am able to draw on my corporate experience as well as my training in IT security, organization, process management and service management to better understand our customers’ needs and offer adequate support.

Together with my team, I am responsible for successfully implementing projects and providing support to our managed services customers. Our team makes sure that all customer operations run smoothly, and our service managers act as a liaison between our customers and the ITpoint delivery teams.

Another one of my areas of focus is the continuous development and implementation of ITpoint business processes. Our operating processes are inspired by ITIL best practices and tailored to our specific needs as an IT service provider. Our service management process framework is ISO20000 certified for managed services.

Project and service managers play an important role at ITpoint. They serve as the direct point of contact for project implementation. Not only that, they plan resources and constantly monitor deadlines, costs and quality, and respond to any changes accordingly. We also ensure smooth operation later on. I’m fully aware of the fact that my team is responsible for a high level of customer satisfaction, which is why understanding customer needs and responding to them with flexibility is central to our daily activities.

The digital transformation is now also in full swing among small and medium-sized companies. These rapid changes are creating a growing demand for business-oriented, flexible and efficient IT. It goes without saying that this brings major IT challenges for SMEs. At ITpoint, we provide support to companies via our ORIA Prime Managed Services, thereby relieving their employees of the burden of time-consuming IT tasks so they can focus on core business activities. I have no doubt that the topic of service management will become more and more relevant in the years to come.

How important are highly functional IT operations and good support services for your company? What are your plans for the future?

Meet our team.

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What is the importance of functioning IT operations and good support services for your company? What is your solution approach for the future?

Contact me on the subject of Service Management/ITIL and also if you are interested in our service concept for your IT. The ORIA Prime Managed Services are worth a cost/benefit comparison!

Armin Büeler

Armin Büeler, Chief Process Officer