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Free from the ball and chain of IT.

Excellent all-round care-free service.
Personal. Organised.

That's ITpoint.
Trusted IT for Business

Completely care-free thanks to «Trusted Advisor» ITpoint

ITpoint takes professional care of all your IT tasks and challenges. This relieves you of the burden and creates space for your core business.

The opinions and recommendations of experts are often as diverse as the broad range of IT topics itself. ITpoint works together with you to create the big picture – your IT strategy – and subsequently pulls all the strings during the implementation of individual topics and during ongoing operations. We coordinate with third parties and IT manufacturers on your behalf and guarantee operations through our Prime Managed Services (ORIA). 12/5 or 24/7, just as you wish.


When you come to ITpoint, you will speak with people, not machines. Our strong team with more than 80 members will take comprehensive care of all your IT issues.

  • Personal communication creates clarity
  • Open dialogue reveals optimisation potential
  • Business and IT competence creates confidence


Trust in IT «from Switzerland». In the best Swiss quality. With proven values regarding security, personal interaction and sustainability.

  • Computer centres located exclusively in Switzerland
  • Multilingual Service Desk around the clock
  • Independent, owner-managed Swiss SME


Flexible and dynamic IT for your team – whether at home, at the office or on the go.

  • Flexible IT architecture
  • Scalable IT infrastructures, both up and down
  • Project teams with an eye for the big picture and for details


ITpoint takes care of all your IT issues with circumspection. This creates room for your core business and guarantees security.

  • Personal Service Desk, 12/5 or 24/7
  • Technical and project coordination with third parties
  • Proven and certified service and government model (ISO 20000 certified)


Don't pay more than necessary for your IT.

  • Risk mitigation thanks to best practice solutions from your trusted advisor ITpoint
  • Specialised IT knowledge and manpower on demand (projects or services)
  • No more investments in IT if you prefer (outsourcing, IT as a service)


Flexible and dynamic adaptation of your IT whenever demanded by business developments.

  • Flexible IT architecture
  • Experienced in scaling IT infrastructures, both up and down
  • Project teams with an eye for the big picture and for details


Trusted advisor: ITpoint is your independent partner for everything IT.

  • Business-oriented and forward-looking IT concepts
  • Flexible, scalable IT architecture
  • Adoption of responsibility for operations (entire IT or parts thereof)
  • Single point of contact: technical and project coordination with third parties