Maximal IT availability for Jakob Müller AG

The company operates on a global basis and has more than 800 employees in 60 countries and covers all demands concerning ribbon and narrow fabric industry. Jakob Müller AG’s product portfolio covers all the equipment needs of the ribbon and narrow fabric manufacturing industry. A single source from yarn warping, through to final weaving, knitting, crocheting and label. By using ORIA Jakob Müller AG is able to save important resources, which can be put to use in other areas.

Initial situation
Jakob Müller AG uses IBM POWER technology with the IBM i operating system throughout the whole company as a platform for the ERP application «oxaion». High operating costs and personnel dependency made it necessary to outsource the IBM i platform.

Today Jakob Müller obtains the system resources for oxaion following the ORIA principle. oxaion» is run in logical partitions over the «Shared Cloud Environment». All production data is mirrored between two data centers and additionally saved. The ORIA «Service Operation»-package is responsible for the full operation and operating system.

Advantages for Jakob Müller AG

  • Disaster tolerance by using geo-redundant data retention
  • High agility by using modular IT Services
  • Planable monthly costs (OPEX)
  • Access to the largest IBM i know-how nationwide

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Interview with Adrian Brogle
CIO, Jakob Müller AG

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