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The smarter your IT, the more important network and security

Mobile employees, location-independent collaboration, autonomous data exchange via automated processes: the digital network between individuals, things, machines, devices and enterprises is progressing at hyper-fast speed. It is the topic of the hour in the world of IT under the keyword «hyper-connectivity».

Networks and network security have become complex core elements of IT. They determine the stability of your IT systems and how well your data is protected from attacks. ITpoint deals with these topics on a daily basis as a managed service specialist  and operator of proprietary cloud infrastructure. Networking & security count among our core competencies. We will be pleased to share our extensive knowledge with you and support you in word and deed in relation to these topics.

Or, if you would rather have someone else deal with this continuously growing challenge, simply pass on the networking & security task to us as high-quality managed services (ORIA)

Our knowledge for you

  • The dedicated Network & Security team at ITpoint will help you with advice, planning and operational support.
  • Our knowledge is up to date and subject to continuous improvement due to the operation of our own cloud infrastructure and countless customer projects.
  • Networking and security competence is spread across the team at ITpoint and therefore independent of specific people.
  • Our high-quality, geo-redundant Swiss cloud environment is at your disposal as a centralised solution. Numerous connection options, matching security modules and well-organised monitoring and support services round off the ITpoint cloud solution as a flexible, highly secure and cost-efficient managed service.
  • We can fall back on the specialised knowledge of our partner network to ensure your requirements are met in full with regard to special areas of security.

Our strategic partner for networking & security