IT Security: Ransomware Protection Service

10. May 2019

The new wave of LockerGoga ransomware attacks is yet another reminder of the importance of taking a proactive approach to protecting your business from cyber-attacks and unwanted encryption. To offer our clients peace of mind, ITpoint has launched the Ransomware Protection Service for NetApp. This protection will be available in our shared cloud environment and for private cloud and on-site installations with NetApp storage systems. 

Ransomware protection service

Ransomware Protection Service

The issue of ransomware attacks made headlines in May 2017 when major international companies like the Spanish telecommunications group Telefonica, parts of the British National Health Service (NHS), the American logistics company FedEX, the French automotive group Renault, and Germany’s Deutsche Bahn with its logistics subsidiary Schenker fell victim to a major malware attack. The malicious software significant damage and led to total shutdowns in international port facilities and complete IT failures in British hospitals. The Wanna Cry ransomware responsible for this damage is just another variant of common encryption viruses, also known as blackmail Trojans or cryptolockers. The viruses make files unreadable, which often means that applications can no longer be started.

The last major attack occurred in March 2019, when the Norwegian aluminium producer Norsks-Hydro reported a complete IT failure. A Hydro spokesperson confirmed the attack and stated that it had forced the company to cease production at various plants in several countries.

Your company’s security is our top priority, and ITpoint is here to support you in developing the necessary security mechanisms to keep your business safe. Our new Ransomware Protection Service for NetApp is designed to protect your IT system. With additional security software, you will be able to detect any suspicious access to your file systems early on and take proactive measures to block malware. What’s more, our intelligent system can distinguish between desired access and undesired access, allowing you to take appropriate action.

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