Interview with Adrian Brogle - CIO Jakob Müller AG

30. June 2016

speaker adrian brogleHello Mister Brogle. 1 ½ years ago you decided to outsource the IBM i platform (formerly AS/400) to ITpoint Systems AG. How happy are you with that decision today?
I’m very happy with this decision. All our expectations were exceeded and the collaboration is excellent.

What were the reasons for this decision?
High base costs for just one system and a high personnel dependency.

How did your employees react to this outsourcing?
The reaction was very positive, seeing as most people affected were able to find very good external alternatives. It was even considered a big relief, having a very competent partner looking after our needs around the clock.

How was the decision taken by the members of the board?
Seeing as ITpoint is a reputable, owner-managed Swiss company, the decision was taken very well.

Outsourcing means you need to hand over the infrastructure platform and responsibility, how do you deal with this situation?
It is very easy to deal with this situation. The outsourcing is a relief and allows us to take on other very important projects with added resources.

How much effort was necessary during the outsourcing process and how long did the process take?
The effort was surprisingly small. The whole process took 3 months from our initial decision until the transition was made. The biggest and most challenging part was the integration of our network.

What were the main obstacles?
Apart from the network there were no other real obstacles.

As of when did the outsourcing actually financially pay off?
Within a short time the financial savings actually met our expectations. The savings were not extremely high, but we now have much more security (personnel independance, data center, mirrored data, emergency plan) and we have short-term scalability. If you were to take these advantages into the financial consideration, the financial savings would be a lot higher.

Looking back today, would you have done anything differently?
Nothing comes to mind. We did everything right concerning this project.