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Felsengold – ITpoint Beer

Wie von unseren Kunden gewünscht: zu Weihnachten gibt’s Oktoberfestbier.

At ITpoint Beer Brewing Day, we set about producing our desired Oktoberfest beer. After 10 weeks of fermentation, the golden juice is now bottled and starting at the end of November, the ITpoint crew will deliver Felsengold to our customers. We hope it tastes good!

Märzen / Märzenbier / Oktoberfestbier
Before the invention of the cooling machine by Carl Linde in the mid-19th century, it was extremely difficult to brew the popular bottom-fermented beers in the warm months. The reason for this was the bottom-fermenting yeast used. This requires a temperature around 4 – 10°C and this could not be guaranteed during the summer. Microorganisms flourished during the warm season and the risk that the fermenting beer spoiled was great.

itpoint bierbrautag

The summer fire danger in the cities also ensured that brewing in summer was prohibited in many regions. For example, the Bavarian brewing regulations of 1539 stipulated that beer could only be brewed between St. Michael (September 29) and St. George (April 23). In order to be able to enjoy beer during the summer, the brewers resorted to a trick. They brewed the last brews stronger in March and stored them in deep, cool rock cellars. This is where the name lager comes from for all bottom-fermented beers. The beers brewed last in March were therefore durable over the summer and were named after the month of March – Märzenbier. Märzenbier has malty and sweet aromas. However, it is not too heavy in taste despite a strong full-bodiedness.

For the new beer business year, the Felsenkeller had to be emptied again in each case. Therefore one celebrated the start of the new beer season extensively at the Octoberfest, where also the last stored Märzenbiere were poured out.

We extend our sincere thanks to all participants who entered the Felsengold contest and are pleased to announce the three winners:

  • IT Team von Durrer Spezialmaschinen AG
  • IT Team von Loomis International AG

ITpoint Bierbrautag Making of – YouTube